Saturday, 26 May 2018

Hello all
                  Since my last post a few more of our members have decided to leave the club rather than hang on a while and let HQ sort things out as I am sure they will do. Anyway we have made a few alterations to our programme. Lawrence of Arabia run on the 1st of July will now start from the Top O Town Car park Dorchester at 10-30am  and the Marshwood Vale run will now start from the Picnic area on the Bridport By Pass same time 10-30am on the 22nd  of July.Our Air Ambulance run and Phils run are at the moment cancelled but the Tram run will still take place but this event will be leaving from Bridport by Pass  picnic area 10-30am. I will post any other changes as they come up
                          Thanks John M

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