Wednesday 19 December 2018

Hello to all our existing members wherever you may be. Firstly I would like to wish you all a very happy Christmas along with a pleasing New Year
  I have just recieved from HQ next years calendars of events ,so if anyone would like one I will have them at our January meeting at the Brewers Arms Martinstown on the 4th thursday of January at 8 pm. the date of which is January the 24th. Also at this meeting we must decide wether we are to continue as a VMCC section   Thanks John M

Monday 10 December 2018

Hello all please do not forget our next meeting to decide wether or not we continue as a section will be on the 24th of January that will be a thursday at 8pm in the Brewers Arms at Martintown  Thanks John M

Tuesday 30 October 2018

Hello All,well how ever many all is as at our last meeting only five club members turned up and only five attended our last run which was a few weeks ago now. However that is that. We are now holding our monthly meetings at the BREWERS ARMS pub at Martinstown on the 4th Thursday of the month. there will be no meet  in November or December the next time we meet is in January,which will be the 24th of that month, According to how many turn up and if anyone that does is willing to take on an office  to assist in running the section ,we will decide as to wether the  South Dorset  Section  continues. If anyone wishes to talk to me on this subject please ring 01308 423819 evenings after 8pm or before 9am any morning. John M

Saturday 18 August 2018

 Hello all   Our next run is on Sunday the 26th which is our Tram run which leaves from the Bridport By Pass picnic area at 10-30am .Please be there in good time as we will be doing a coffee stop on route to the Trams where a lunch stop will be available. Some very nice meals are available or just a snack if that is what you desire. see you all next week     John M

Friday 20 July 2018

Hello all just a short note to remind all about our Marshwood Vale run on Sunday next the 22nd of this month start from the picnic area of the Bridport by Pass. Leave time will be 19 30am. Our next event will be the Tram or Fete run on the 26th of August also from Bridport and leaving at 10-30am. Please stand by for details of our Lifeboat run on the 2nd of Sept as we are not sure where we will start from. I will post details nearer the time
                   Thanks to all who still support our section and the VMCC  John M

Thursday 28 June 2018

Hello any remaining SouthDorset members or riders who support our section. This is just a short note t tell you that our monthly meetings will be held at the Brewers Arms public house in the village of Martinstown. The meetings will now be held at 8pm on the 4th Thursday of the month so the dates will be  AUG23rd,  Sept27th,   Oct25th,  Nov29th, no meeting will be held during December.
 Our July meeting will be there on the26th at 8pm. There is ample car parking at the venue.
Next event is the Lawrence of Arabia on the 1st of July from Top O Town car park in Dorchester leaving at 10 30am. On the 22nd of July is our Marshwood Vale  run this time the start venue will be The Picnic area on the Bridport By Pass 10-30 am leave time

Monday 18 June 2018

Hello again,just a reminder that our Midsummer Madness is on track for next Sunday the 24th 10-30am from Bridport by pass ,and our Lawrence of Arabia event at 10-30am from the Top O Town car park Dorchester the week after that is 1st July. This event will be an ordinary run, no cups etc as was organised by our former secretary. We are still not sure which way our section is going but we shall decide I am sure in the not too distant future.All this hastle could I am sure been avoided had a few people just had a little more patience,as things  seem to be much much more stable at HQ and lets face it does what goes on at HQ affect our lives that much I am sure the advantages of being a member far oughtweighs the effects of  head office on us . John M