Monday, 18 June 2018

Hello again,just a reminder that our Midsummer Madness is on track for next Sunday the 24th 10-30am from Bridport by pass ,and our Lawrence of Arabia event at 10-30am from the Top O Town car park Dorchester the week after that is 1st July. This event will be an ordinary run, no cups etc as was organised by our former secretary. We are still not sure which way our section is going but we shall decide I am sure in the not too distant future.All this hastle could I am sure been avoided had a few people just had a little more patience,as things  seem to be much much more stable at HQ and lets face it does what goes on at HQ affect our lives that much I am sure the advantages of being a member far oughtweighs the effects of  head office on us . John M

Saturday, 26 May 2018

Hello all
                  Since my last post a few more of our members have decided to leave the club rather than hang on a while and let HQ sort things out as I am sure they will do. Anyway we have made a few alterations to our programme. Lawrence of Arabia run on the 1st of July will now start from the Top O Town Car park Dorchester at 10-30am  and the Marshwood Vale run will now start from the Picnic area on the Bridport By Pass same time 10-30am on the 22nd  of July.Our Air Ambulance run and Phils run are at the moment cancelled but the Tram run will still take place but this event will be leaving from Bridport by Pass  picnic area 10-30am. I will post any other changes as they come up
                          Thanks John M

Saturday, 21 April 2018

Hello All
                  As you may have heard through the grape vine we the South Dorset Section  have trouble at Mill  . this is all to do with the fact I asked three none members to leave our January Meeting.( I had checked with various knowledgeable people as to weather I was doing the correct thing and was assured  it was right. Subsequently when these three left the room so did nine more members with them. So you see things are a bit iffy at the moment. We have cancelled 3 runs so far  which are the Sunday lunch  run on the 29th of April,Air Ambulance run on the5th of August and Phils Run on the12th of August. Please check with me if you are contemplating joining us on any runs ,as we are not sure where we are going from here. Thanks John M

Saturday, 6 January 2018

Hello all our riders and friends . May I wish you all a Happy New Year and safe riding throughout 2018
Our first Club meeting this year will be at the Spitfire Club in Crossways on Wednesday 24th of this month. Our first organised run will be early April when we hope  the weather will be better
      Hope to see lots of you then John M

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Hello all who ride with us,this is just a short note to let you all know that next wednesday will be our last meeting for this year. I would like to say a rather early Happy Christmas to you all,and look forward to a Happy New Year,
We at the South Dorset Section will be working on our next years events and will have our events list ready to hand out to you all  quite soon at least by early January.
I would also like to say a big Thank You to all who have ridden with us this year and hope you will join us again in the future as we have a few new ideas lined up for the 2018.Safe Riding to you all John M

Saturday, 30 September 2017

Hello  Friends,  Well all our organised runs for this year are now over although  we still meet at the Top-O- Town on pleasant Sundays and go for a spin somewhere.   I would like to thank everyone who has ridden with our section this year and trust you have enjoyed your times with us. We look forward to seeing you all again next season.Our programme for next  year will be out I hope by January. Thanks once more John M

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Hello one and all, Sorry I have not been on line of late time seems to wiz by . Anyway here we are once more almost at the end of our riding season,which, has been fairly good. Reasonable weather and best of all good attendances at most of our events.
Well we have only three rides left on the calender the first, which is next Sunday the 3rd of September is our Lifeboat Run where we shall be doing a trip to the Swanage Station to present them with a checque and have a look around thier new HQ
The week after it will be Ollies Follies thats on the10th which will be a trip to Harmans Cross just past Corfe Castle.
Then on the17th is our last run this season Tonys run to the West culminating with a lunch stop at Dunkerswell Airfield prior to tea and cakes at Marie,s Pantry.
Some of us will  of course still be doing un official rides from Top o Town  Car Park on Sundays as and when the weather permits, so please do phone  if you want to take part or wish to know if  one is on.
     Well thats about all for now Safe Riding to all   John M