Monday, 18 June 2018

Hello again,just a reminder that our Midsummer Madness is on track for next Sunday the 24th 10-30am from Bridport by pass ,and our Lawrence of Arabia event at 10-30am from the Top O Town car park Dorchester the week after that is 1st July. This event will be an ordinary run, no cups etc as was organised by our former secretary. We are still not sure which way our section is going but we shall decide I am sure in the not too distant future.All this hastle could I am sure been avoided had a few people just had a little more patience,as things  seem to be much much more stable at HQ and lets face it does what goes on at HQ affect our lives that much I am sure the advantages of being a member far oughtweighs the effects of  head office on us . John M

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